How I Became Involved

A letter from the President of PlayPlay!'s Board of Directors:


As a part of Giving Tuesday, I would like to share the story of why I became involved in PlayPlay!, and in sharing my own gratitude as a patron, hope to inspire you to help propel this unique and creative organization into the future with a high-impact end-of-year gift. My journey with PlayPlay! began in 2010, shortly after its inception and first production of Wee! My oldest child, Juliet, was approaching her first birthday and we wanted to celebrate her milestone in a way that would engage all of her developing senses. At the time, Juliet’s father was working as a band teacher and I was working as an elementary school teacher while also serving as the Arts Coordinator for a small charter school in Charlotte. We believed then and continue to believe that the arts provide access points into learning that cannot be addressed through just “explaining” or other traditional methods of teaching children of any age. As new parents, we also began to understand the real complexity and capacity of very young children. Juliet amazed us with her amazing insights and responses to the world, and we came to understand the truth in Henry Thoreau’s claim that “each child begins the world anew.” Despite this reality, we also discovered how limited the programming in Charlotte was for children ages birth to three. In fact, aside from daycare, the city was a total cultural “dead zone.” PlayPlay! Theatre for the Very Young, and the Theatre for the Very Young movement provided our family with cultural opportunities for all three of our daughters and continues to do so today. With a current repertoire of five original shows presented by Children’s Theatre of Charlotte and also the Jewish Community Center, PlayPlay! Is poised to make an even greater impact. With your financial assistance, the organization could:

● Strengthen its outreach to the children’s hospitals (Hemby and Levine)

● Finance residencies in preschools serving high-poverty children and families

● Develop new, original shows

● Collaborate with high-school drama departments

● Increase the diversity of audiences through ticketing scholarships

We sincerely appreciate your patronage, and hope that you will consider an end-of-year gift to PlayPlay! Theatre as a way to help grow our youngest children and also to sustain our unique and important presence in the Charlotte arts community. All gifts to PlayPlay! Theatre are high-impact!

With gratitude,

Jen Bourne, President

PlayPlay! Theatre Board of Directors

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